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Fokus på fornybar energi

IKEA har inngått et samarbeid med BECOUR og DNV GL

Becour og DNV GL skal sørge for at IKEA matcher eget forbruk av strøm med produksjon av fornybar energi 24 timer i døgnet, 7 dager i uken.

(Artikkel fra Klimapartner – Becour)

Becour and DNV GL to pilot a new 24/7 matching tool with Ingka Group
Energy tech firm Becour and quality assurance and risk management company DNV GL have joined forces with Ingka Group, operator of 383 IKEA stores in 31 countries, to pilot a solution that helps companies manage and assure their renewable electricity use from source to socket.

The challenge
Several big brands have announced ambitions to source only renewable electricity, but they have struggled to implement them due to the complicated structure of power distribution.

When companies claim to source renewable electricity, they must document the purchase of an amount of renewable electricity equal to their consumption. This practice often does not address the time of production and consumption but only looks at the total electricity consumed over a year. Therefore, companies often have no guarantee that the electricity they consume at a certain hour actually does come from sustainable sources. This is the 24/7 challenge that Becour and DNV GL together with Ingka Investments, the investment arm of Ingka Group, has piloted a solution for.

Ponsivuori wind farm, Finland. Copyright: Ingka Investments

The pilot will help Becour and DNV GL to finalise the development of the tools needed so that many other companies can create transparent links between renewable generation and consumption to support the transition to 100% renewable electricity.

Improving sustainability claims
Achieving hourly matching of electricity use with production across borders will make sourcing more transparent and credible and increase the accuracy of any claims to have reduced emissions of greenhouse gases.

“24/7 is the ability for companies to link renewable energy consumption to production in hourly. The multinational companies that are raising the bar when it comes to sustainability ambitions want to prove they are using renewable energy all the time, and that this claim can be verified. This builds trust in their claims and reporting, and ultimately in their brands.”

Says Beate Norheim, Energy Markets and Technology Consultant, DNV GL

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